Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Welcome – Croydon Cinema

Croydon Plaza Cinema has been a staple of the Croydon movie watching landscape since 1977. While other independent family operated cinemas shut and were turned into shops or gyms or places not dedicated to art and entertainment, Croydon cinema has remained operating. While the cinema had been prone to closing and re-branding, the cinema has continually showed films and entertained film enthusiasts and movie watchers for over 35 years. Tucked away in the suburb of Croydon in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs Croydon Plaza Cinema has provided its community with an affordable and enjoyable experience.

Croydon Cinema has decided to move away from the digital revolution in film and keep with the movie magic of traditional film projectors. This blog discusses how an independent cinema can remain viable in today’s market being surrounded by multiplex chain cinemas. Croydon Cinema does this by offering something that these multiplex’s don’t. An experience. An experience they can deliver because they are an independent cinema and show films through traditional film methods, to keep with the magic of film.

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