Monday, 4 June 2012

Independent Cinema

Outside of Croydon Cinema. Photo

Croydon Cinema is an independently run cinema, which gives them more freedoms than its competitors such as Hoyts and Village. On the 1st of March 2011 The 7:30 Report (which can also be viewed here) did a segment on Independent Cinema’s and their new resurgence due to the new technology being available to cinemas, technology, funnily enough, that Plaza Cinema Croydon is not embracing. Matt Peacock said in the segment. ‘Historically, Australia's independent cinemas have barely survived at the fringes of the Hoyts and Greater Union national chains who have had a stranglehold on the big movie releases. But now, the independents are fighting back.’ This is true, Croydon Cinema has closed more than enough times, and cinemas like Plaza Northcote closed in 1960.

So why would Plaza Cinema Croydon refuse to make the change? Because Plaza Cinema Croydon offers a family experience and they offer something that the other cinemas don’t. They don’t charge the exorbitant prices for tickets and in the confectionary stand keeping with the family entertainment theme while still showing the popular non family orientated films. Due to its size Croydon Cinema only shows a handful of films, but also sell their tickets for half the price of its multiplex counterparts.

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