Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Croydon Cinema

Cinema manager Tom Schouten is bringing community cinema back to Croydon. Pic: LAWRENCE PINDER

Croydon Plaza Cinema has been in operation since 1977. Located in the suburb of Croydon in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the small independent cinema as suffered competition from the large multiplex cinemas, namely , Hoyts Eastland and Village Cinema Knox. During its operation in 3 Hewish Road, the Croydon Independent cinema had closed and reopened five times. Currently the Croydon Plaza Cinema is in operation, with four screens and a seating capacity for 840 patrons.

In 1977 it opened as Twin Cinema Croydon there it maintained an active business for over sixteen years, closing in 1993. It then reopened in 1994 as Croydon Cinema. As Croydon it opened two more screens, allowing it to have the capacity to have 840 patrons. The screen number and seating capacity had not changed.

In 2003, Croydon Cinema closed and was reopened as Croydon Ritz Cinemas, which then closed a year later to be reopened as Australia Cinema Croydon. In late 2011 Australia Cinema Croydon closed and was opened as Croydon Plaza Cinema under the direction of Tom Schouten.

Under the direction of Mr Schouten the Cinema is maintaining the integrity of the cinema of old by refusing to make the shift to digital screens and projectors. Schouten has kept with the cinema's tradition of being independent and family operated cinema. Much like Middle Park Picture Theater.

What is your most influential factor when it comes to choosing where to see a movie?

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